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Privacy policy page of Payday installment cash loan indicates details of our services and how we actually work. You can keep a check on this page of our site before using our services. However, it is quite general that you might be in doubt of whether is it safe to share your personal details with us or not? There is nothing to worry about. We strictly follow all measures to keep your personal in order intact and secret with us. We take most right of way and full responsibility to protect your personal data in a safe and secured way. We will never discuss or share your private details with any third party if not it is required by a legal entity.

There are third party links mentioned on our website just for your added information. Clicking on those links is completely your responsibility. We just ask for your name, email id and contact number to provide you latest information on loan deals and other matchless services. We only send your details within our trusted set of lenders to obtain right financial deal for you at a right time and at a right price as well.

You are advised not to share your password or other confidential materials with a third party for any cause. We reserve a right to chance some portions or whole privacy policy anytime we want, without giving any prior notification. Thus, you are suggested to check this page of our site every time you log on.

We do not assemble any information from all those people who merely visit our site and read all information about loans and other services on it. We only ask for your personal data when you further proceed to apply with our website. Soon after applying with us we start communicating with us and engage in finding best and cost-effective loan services for you.

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